Posted by: Darlene DeStefano on 04/19/2016

Tips to a Long Term Loving Relationship

Tips to a Long Term Loving Relationship

To have a long term relationship believe me, you have to work at it! But to have a truly loving relationship means both parties doing what it takes every day to make it work. Along with all the day to day responsibilities of paid work, house work, yard work, kids, hobbies, community, finances, in-laws, friends and neighbours you still need to stay on top of affection, romance, intimacy, and raging sex between both of you. Building trust, having compassion, learning to agree to disagree are all part of the mix. 

Be aware of what can erode a relationship. Be careful about misunderstandings regardless of how small, moodiness, frustration, criticizing, and keeping score. The little things that cost nothing are giving a compliment, helping with chores, working on agreeable morals and values, and most of all expressing your concerns, expectations and needs to your partner so they know how to give what you need in the relationship. Don’t forget when you do this also ask your partner what their concerns, expectations and needs are. Ask for clarification if required.

You are a couple yet individuals and as such sometimes you just need your space. Take it.

Have a night out with your friends or go on your own to a movie or take time out for a retreat and for the women especially treat yourself to the spa.

Keep life interesting. While its easy and we do need to relax, don’t get in the habit of staying home. Life is to be experienced. Get out and do things together. Go on a trip somewhere. If budget is a concern, take a drive to a lake and have a picnic there. Do something at least once a week. See a movie together, go to the theatre, or go for a walk together in the park. Share your dreams, be grateful about your life together and talk about your gratitude.

If you build the foundation right, take care of the weeds, stay active, give what each of you need, the rest falls into place. A relationship is like a garden. When a weed (a relationship problem of any kind) begins you must remove it from the garden (communicate and fix it) for if you don’t soon the garden (relationship) will be overcome with weeds (problems) and choke the life out of the flowers (destroy the relationship).

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