Posted by: Darlene DeStefano on 12/28/2015

Reiki Changed My Life

Reiki Changed My Life

Has it already been twelve years?  One of the happiest times in my life – our daughter married – such excitement – yet mixed emotions. Happy for her and the new life she will embark upon but a feeling of loss for me. Just a short thirteen months later our son married - happy for him, but feeling more loss. Within a few months, our house felt empty and we decided to sell and downsize. More loss, big mistake, too soon, weren’t ready we hadn’t adjusted to being a couple again. My emotional roller coaster was just getting started.

My husband lost his mother a couple of years before our daughter married and then his father a short time after her wedding. During this period his loss affected me. The grief was building.

Then the ultimate, I lost my mother. The emptiness was extreme. It didn’t take long for me to slide into a depressed state. Nothing helped; I didn’t care about anything or anyone. I slept poorly, ate all the time and cried so much. I looked ill. I felt lonely, helpless and worthless.  Refusing anti depressants my doctor tried three times to prescribe, refusing help from well meaning grief groups, I continued to slide. The pain was unbearable. 

Ten months later my friend dragged me a Wellness Fair. It was there I heard of Reiki. With a medical background my immediate reaction was “What a lot of bunk”.  But I took the brochure and threw it in my junk drawer and continued to slide.           

Finally, one day shortly thereafter, I looked at the brochure again and there it was “Reiki helps move people through grief”. I called. Being such a skeptic and having a nursing background I found conflict with this strange therapy touting to “heal” people. I needed to know how it really worked so I took the course instead of just going for therapy sessions. Through Reiki I realized I was hanging onto grief as a way of hanging onto my mother. I cried, I sobbed, and let go, in what’s called an “emotional release”. I practiced Reiki on clients and myself on a regular basis.  

I learned several other therapies, became a Holistic Practitioner, Certified Iridologist, Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, Life Coach and Intuitive Practitioner. In my private practice I also offer nursing consults and then added foot care. I taught what I had learned and I still worked as a casual on-call charge nurse, which had enabled me to utilize my traditional medical knowledge and skills with my new and very acute intuitive skills. Most importantly I meditated often.  

Through Reiki and meditation my intuitive skills have become remarkable and this is what really assists me in my work in helping others to heal, and in my own spiritual journey. These skills also help to diffuse situations. Reiki helped me to move on and prepare for what was to come.

My husband lost his job to plant closure, and our financial world didn’t look so bright anymore. My brother’s four-month old baby died the next year, and it was through this loss that I learned the true meaning of love and gratitude. Love for every living being. Gratitude for the gifts we have been blessed with. And that no amount of anger or regret will change any situation, it only increases stress, and stress spells dis-ease. Learning to contribute to change things where one can and not react to what is beyond your control is another stepping stone in the journey of every soul.  

I thank the angel that guided me to Reiki.  Looking back, for me, Reiki was definitely the foundation for life change and healing where I otherwise might have met with a more ominous future.   

Life does throw many curve balls; it is how you handle them that make you who you are.  Reiki has changed my life, and it can change yours too!   

Please take the time to learn this wonderful therapy for self-healing, and healing others in ways you never thought possible.

Reiki means “Universal Life Energy”. Energy sustains all life and is connected to our health and well-being.  While relaxing fully clothed, the energy is transferred when a practitioner gently places their hands on or above the body. Reiki treats the whole person including body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement. 

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