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Company Name 360° with Darlene
Name Darlene DeStefano
Abbreviated Professional Designations PhD, CPC, MMsc
Title Catalyst for Living Well
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Phone Number 519-837-0507
Arthur, ON N0G 1A0

Business Details

  • Main Practice
  • Emotional/Mental Health, Coach -Integrative
  • Specializing In
  • Relationship Dynamics, Grief, Spirituality
  • Services Offered
  • Talk Therapy, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Intuitive Readings Counselling, Energy Healing, Guidance in Spiritual Care & Enlightenment, Meditation Training & Support.
  • Hours of Operation
  • days, evenings and weekends
  • Sessions
  • In-Person, Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Multi Session Discount
  • Classes/Groups Facilitating
  • Grief, Meditation, Mediumship
  • Fee Structure
  • 30 minutes $100 ~ 60 minutes $160 ~ 90 minutes $200

    Monthly Package A $425
    Monthly Package B $525
  • Accepted Forms of Payments
  • Visa, MasterCard, Paypal
  • Languages
  • English
  • Years Experience
  • 35
  • Qualifications
  • PhD Specializing in Pastoral Counselling Psychology, Masters in Metaphysics, Certified Professional Coach, Metaphysical Practitioner, Reiki Master, past career in nursing
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More About Darlene DeStefano

Because of her own pain and loss, health issues and resilience, skills and training, clients who have come to Darlene struggling with life challenges feel safe with her gentle, compassionate approach. She puts them at ease, affording them an immediately level of comfort and enabling them to get the most out of their time together. Clients appreciate Darlene’s integrative approach to help them transition, transform, improve and achieve their desired results. 

PERSONALLY, there have been many struggles and life challenges Darlene has had to overcome. She married her teen sweetheart whose family presented its own challenges of non-acceptance. Financial hardships helped her to appreciate the good times and save for tougher times ahead. Always a workaholic and dedicated servant she suffered stress related conditions throughout her life. Chronic fatigue syndrome, forced her to quit working for over a year. With the loss of her mother Darlene suffered a severe state of depression. Her grief was so immense she withdrew totally and fell into what she describes as a very dark hole. 

It was through the healing art of Reiki that she began to let go of her grief. Darlene’s medical mind and nursing background found this new-to-her holistic approach an incredible healing and she began her studies in the healing arts. Just starting to move forward family tragedy struck again and within the next two years she lost her baby nephew, her father to cancer, and experienced strained family relationships. Later that year she herself was diagnosed with cancer. Her inability to handle the overload of emotional stress resulted in her waking up one morning to find she was unable to walk. Through chiropractic care, counselling, ‘inner work’ and sheer determination Darlene turned her life around yet again. 

The learning for Darlene from these life events was that emotions played a significant role on her health and she needed to learn how to better manage her emotions. She knew that understanding the game of life and how to play it is paramount for living well. Darlene has developed her own system of finding inner peace and outer harmony and is devoted to helping others find theirs.

PROFESSIONALLY, Darlene has 30+ years clinical experience as a health care practitioner encompassing acute care, geriatric care, continuing care, psych and travel nursing, counselling, talk therapy, hypnotherapy, clinical intuition, intuitive counselling, life coaching, business coaching, financial support, spiritual care and enlightenment, and a host of holistic therapies. She continues to enhance her knowledge, skills and services through education in personal and professional betterment.

Darlene serves clients globally by telephone, audio/video conferencing and in-person at her private clinic in Arthur, Ontario.

Darlene’s powerful people skills, warm personality, and positive influence, will inspire and energize you. She is dedicated to helping you heal, move forward in life, and become empowered. Darlene helps you learn what she has learned.

"I have learned that my journey is an on-going process of transformation in which I alone am responsible for."

Darlene hosts a radio show "360 with Darlene" about Change ~ Transition which airs Monday nights at 7pm 

Persons living in the broadcast area of North Wellington and Southern Grey Counties may listen to the show  via their radio at 88.7FM

For persons living outside the broadcast are you can listen live at www.887theriver.ca 

In addition Darlene has a column in the Mount Forest Mirror also called "360 with Darlene" where she answers Dear Darlene questions.

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Employee Relaxation Strategies

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Grief & Loss ebook

Moving Through GriefThis ebook will help you to move forward, map out a new normal, realize live goes on, and teach you...

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Live Well Today

Our Pendants by Orgone ImpressionsDr Wilhelm Reich was a pioneer of his time, he named the Universal Energy that flowed...

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There is an unseen world around us. This is a world of spirits, where those who have passed from the mortal realm find peace...

Wellington County, ON, Canada

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Meditation CD - Finding Peace

This meditation delivers relaxation, calming and clarity. Over time you transform finding inner peace and outer harmony....

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Heal, Move Forward in Life, Become Empowered! Dr. Darlene DeStefano, PhD, Facilitator for Healing, will help you make the necessary changes in your life! Hear what others have to say....

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