Posted by Darlene DeStefano on 01/15/2016
Employee Relaxation Strategies

Employee Relaxation Strategies

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03/15/2016 11:00 am

This is a wonderful program that helps to improve overall employee performance. If practiced on a regular basis, not only will these techniques aid in the employee's work life, they will make a significant difference in their personal life. This program is offered on three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. 

As an employer you want the best from your employees. This can be hard for them to deliver their best when the stresses of today are abundant and many people struggle to find balance. 

Why do you need this program delivered? 

Simple - help your employees with these relaxation strategies and you help your company!

Note: Once set-up with employer the employees can register and participate. A set time specific to your company can be arranged or opt to join in existing conferencing platform to participate.

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