Posted by Darlene DeStefano on 06/28/2017



There is an unseen world around us. This is a world of spirits, where those who have passed from the mortal realm find peace and wisdom. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience talking with these spirits? Have you considered the knowledge that could be passed on from such an otherworldly place?

SPIRIT TALKS: Me & Mr. E. draws back the curtain that separates this world from the next. Darlene DeStefano and Hank Setala are natural mediums, who have developed their remarkable gifts through study, practice, and intuition. As Darlene develops her abilities, she makes an astounding discovery: Einstein has something to say, and it’s up to her to get his unique philosophy out of his realm, and into ours. In this endeavour, she turns to Hank.  

Together they have collaborated to relay Mr. E’s message, creating SPIRIT TALKS: Me & Mr. E. which is an awe inspiring look into life after death and how a departed soul can continue to grow and reach out to the living. Mr E. strikes at the very core of today’s society, challenging the reader to reflect on values, morals, and integrity. Through Darlene DeStefano’s recent journey, Einstein comes to life once again. 

SPIRIT TALKS: Me & Mr. E. invites readers to contemplate their philosophy, take stock of their own character and evaluate what it is that makes a person healthy and whole. These revelations present the key to transformation and unlocking one’s own greatness. Discover the beautiful words of wisdom that Mr. E. reveals to Darlene and learn how to become a more healthy and amazing part of humanity.


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Wellington County, ON, Canada

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