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Company Name Orgone Impressions
Name Tracy Mitchell
Logo Orgone Impressions Company Logo by Orgone Impressions in New Orleans LA
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Phone Number 504-621-1108
New Orleans, LA

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  • Main Practice
  • Complementary Health, Energy Healing
  • Specializing In
  • Orgone Energy Pendants
  • Services Offered
  • Take your power back! At Orgone Impressions, we create unique energy amulets. These special pendants function as subtle energy batteries. They assist in energy growth, manifestation, meditation, and strength. Release your inner lion with a beautiful, hand-made, Orgone pendant.
  • Hours of Operation
  • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. U.S. Central
  • Fee Structure
  • $49.99 to $89.99 per pendant.
  • Accepted Forms of Payments
  • Credit Card, Paypal
  • Languages
  • English
  • Years Experience
  • 20

More About Orgone Impressions

Tracy Mitchell is originally from Millington, Michigan. A small town located between Flint and Saginaw, Michigan. At a very early age he realized there was more to the world than what was taught in schools, church, and society. Early unexplained phenomena quickly developed in him a fascination for science, arts and poetry. This ultimately led to a study of metaphysics and alternative spiritual systems. 

At the age of 17, Tracy left his home in Michigan and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana with his brother and sister-in-law. Having a sense of adventure and a desire to understand the phenomena which continued to occur, he delved deep into mystical kabbalah and The Fourth Way system of study. These two areas of theory and practice led him to a friend and teacher, who initiated him into the field of Orgone energy by utilizing hand-made tools for energetic growth. 

Those early rudimentary Orgone and radionics tools, with his accumulated practice in Hermetic and mystical systems, created miraculous states of awareness in mind, body, and spirit. He explored how the use of these tools could transform his internal and external environment. The continued permeation of higher energies inspired the process that is commonly known as a Kundalini awakening. 

At the age of 30, after years of consistent spiritual advancement and growth, Tracy experienced the mystical “Dark Night of the Soul”; the stage of development where the Higher Self makes its descent into us and we make our ascent into a unity of spirit and matter. The process is shocking to the instinctive awareness of our being as we surrender control to Higher Consciousness (i.e., God). 

During the experience, he obtained his degree in Visual Communications and is now currently studying business while working towards a Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Sedona. The merging process has plateaued and transformed into a beautiful, creative union with Spirit. 

In surrender to Higher Consciousness, Tracy utilizes his education to create beautiful tools for transformation - “Orgone Impressions” that assist in the awakening of humanity. Tracy continues his work with Orgone physics, radionics, metaphysics, and design to provide the best hand-made products for energetic, spiritual, and holistic growth. 

These are not medical devices and are not intended to diagnose or cure an illness. Please consult your doctor if you are experiencing any imbalance of a physical or mental nature.

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Orgone Pendant - Ambrosia - Reiki - Radionics - Hand Made

The Ambrosia Orgone Pendant sells for $59.99. Also, For a low fee of $79.99, this pendant can come with its very own Spiritual...

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Cho Ku Rei Orgone Pendant *Please follow link to online store*

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Metairie, LA, USA

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My mission: to provide you with a tool of energetic protection and spiritual expansion. I desire for you to know how powerful, beautiful, and dear you are. I hope the world continues...

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